Non-linear FEM for Civil Engineers

Course credits: 7.5 ECTS


The purpose of this course is to give engineers, scientists and researchers a deeper insight into the finite element method with an emphasis on methodologies and applications for non-linear problems. The first part of the course introduces fundamental theoretical background and computer implementations. The second part of the course deals with non-linear FE modelling of concrete structures.

Content and Objectives

The aims of the course are to give knowledge on:

General concepts in Non-linear FEM

  • Different strain measures
  • Derivation of non-linear 2D truss, 2D beams and plane elements.
  •  Continuum mechanics and basic Finite Element analysis of continua.
  • Basic plasticity.
  • Advanced solution procedures.
  • Structural stability analysis.
  • Non-linear dynamic analyses

Non-linear FE modelling of concrete structures

  • Non-linear material behaviour, incl

o   Cracking and crushing of concrete

o   Time dependent effects

o   Degradation

  • Constitutive material models
  • Guideline for practical applications


  • Passed courses in basic finite element theory and concrete design
  • Experience in MATLAB programming


  • Master students, graduate students, teachers and researchers in engineering. 
  • Practising engineers, wanting to learn more about the finite element methods and its application for non-linear problems


The course corresponds to 7,5 ECTS units. To pass the course the student must

  • attend at least 80% of the lectures
  • perform the homeworks
  • pass the exam

 The exam can be performed orally at KTH or in writing at another university. The grades for the course are passed and failed.

Course plan

The first part of the course about General concepts in Non-linear FEM will be given during 4 days in June 2020. The second part of the course about Non-linear FE modelling of concrete structures will be given during two days at the end of August 2020.

The course will be given in English.

Course organisation

Division of Structural Engineering and Bridges, KTH, Stockholm

Responsible teachers:

Professor Jean-Marc Battini                      (General concepts in Non-linear FEM)

Dr. Richard Malm                                     (Non-linear FE modelling of concrete structures)