Maintenance, Repair and Strengthening

Course credits: 7.5 ECTS


Some of the information below might be outdated. Please contact the main teacher of the course for further information.

Content and Objectives

The course gives an insight into the theory and methods for maintenance, repair and strengthening of structures. Maintenance, repair and strengthening have always been a part of a structures life. Deteriorating civil engineering and building structures have become a topic of critical importance in Europe and in many other countries all around the world and is an unavoidable part of the ageing process of all structures. There is a great demand to carry increased loads on our bridges and allow higher speeds thus enabling larger capacities for passenger and freight traffic. Furthermore, a significant proportion of our infrastructure is currently in need of assessment, either in terms of structural or functional performance. Monitoring of existing structures may in some cases be used to show that a structure still fulfils its demands. For strengthening and assessment of structures, factors as durability, load bearing capacity and life cycle costs must be considered. Research has been carried out on various topics related to this area, but there is a need for a course with integration in order to establish procedures for effective and safe upgrading of structures. The course will cover how structures may be upgraded by thorough assessment or by strengthening. The following parts are included in this course:
  • Deterioration processes
  • Condition assessment
  • Assessment of capacity of structures
  • Monitoring and non-destructive testing (minor part)
  • Maintenance
  • Repair and strengthening
The content may be modified to fulfil individual requirements, especially regarding project tasks, to meet the interest of the participants.

The aims of the course are to give:
  • Basic knowledge on the degradation of structures and structural elements
  • Basic knowledge on assessment of the load carrying capacity of structures
  • Advanced knowledge how to repair and strengthen structures


  • Graduate students, teachers and researchers in civil engineering.
  • Practicing structural engineers that are interested to learn about assessment and strengthening of structures can participate.

Course plan

The course is given in cooperation between the technical universities in Sweden. Main responsible for the course is Professor Björn Täljsten.

Course organisation

The course will be given in three concentrated blocks, with lectures and laboratory demonstrations. Each block consists of 2 days. The first day starts at 10 am and the last day ends at around 4 pm. Apart from the scheduled teaching, the participants are expected to do independent home work in the form of analytical problem solving, computer based exercises and a written seminar paper to be presented at the last seminar.

To pass the course all prescribed exercises and computer analyses shall be performed, documented and accepted. At least 85% participation on the course is needed. The student will get the grade pass or not pass.


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Selected journal papers and other texts handed out during the course