Advanced Concrete Engineering

Course credits: 7.5 ECTS


Advanced concrete engineering deals with structural materials, components, connections, structural systems and special applications of reinforced and prestressed concrete. Issues related to different phases are treated such as conceptual design, design and detailing, production, operation and assessment. The course content is complementary to education about concrete structures at undergraduate and master’s levels.

The content of the course can be described with the following main areas:
  • material behaviour, mechanics and modelling of various types of concrete, reinforcement and prestressing units,
  • behaviour, modelling, design and detailing of components and connections in concrete structures,
  • design issues, problems and solutions in modern types of structural systems,
  • development of solutions with regard to efficient use of resources and sustainability during production and operation.
The aim of the course is to promote development of a deeper understanding of reinforced and prestressed concrete, and to widen the knowledge of various modern applications and current design issues.

After the course the participant should be able to
  • describe the field of concrete engineering, its challenges and possibilities,
  • take part in teaching,
  • solve various problems in concrete engineering, development and research,
  • relate the own research topic or development work to the field of concrete engineering.


Recommended basis for the course is master’s level in Structural engineering. The course
should be of interest for
  • graduate students, teachers and researchers in structural engineering and concrete science,
  • practicing structural engineers wanting to specialise in concrete engineering.

Course plan

The course will have a total duration of about three months and will be given in three concentrated blocks.

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Course organisation

Responsible teacher:

Kamyab Zandi
Structural Engineering
Chalmers University of Technology
Contact info: